Ends on April 3, 2017

How might we improve the flow of accurate information?

Knight Foundation, Democracy Fund, and the Rita Allen Foundation believe informed communities are indispensable to a healthy American democracy. We are launching an open call for ideas to address concerns about the spread of misinformation and build trust in quality journalism.

Knight Foundation will run the call through the Knight Prototype Fund, which specializes in quickly developing and testing early-stage ideas. We recognize that no single solution will fit all contexts and communities, and by prototyping we hope to quickly learn which ideas have the most potential to improve our news and media ecosystem.

We’re looking for technologists, journalists, designers, teachers, researchers, and others who are eager to develop ideas to help ensure all people have access to accurate information. We understand issues of trust and misinformation are nuanced and complicated, and we are looking for ideas and collaborations that can help bring new voices and vision to these debates.

We’re open to diverse perspectives on topics ranging from, but not limited to, the role of algorithms in news consumption, methods for separating facts from fiction, building bridges across ideological divides, and strategies for ensuring journalism organizations are authentic to the communities they serve.

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